About the company


Naomi and Ronald Blumenthal

We’ve quietly been making quiet jewelry for almost 10 years. 

Naomi is an artist, sculptor, and landscape designer.    Naomi attended The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and earned a BFA in sculpture. She worked her way through college starting as a florist and eventually becoming  a garden designer for a series of private estates.  Her interest in horticulture grew while she continued  to create porcelain sculpture, showing and selling in galleries. In  2002, concurrent with the birth of her son, Naomi started her own garden consultancy in Berkshire County Massachusetts, and started making jewelry for herself, based on forms in nature. Some of her estate design clients asked if they could buy her pieces,  wore them to various high profile events, and soon she was fielding requests for production.

Ron started and ran several design and manufacturing companies in the interiors field.

We manufacture our jewelry in our Berkshire studio workshop.